Spring has sprung and it’s that time of year to get your front porch looking good and ready for company. It’s no good to have guests at your door when you know things are neglected and messy. Now is a great time to take action and create a welcoming front porch for your guests, and for yourself. Here are 5 steps to help you accomplish this goal.

1. First Things First

The first step to this process is making a blank canvas on which you can create. This means clearing everything off of your porch–all the clutter must go. It’s a good time to sweep off the spider webs, put away the tools, clean the exterior windows, and blow any dust or debris off the floor. This is not the most fun part of the project, but it’s necessary since you’ll want a clean space. Now, you are ready to be creative and have some fun with decorating your front porch.

2. Liven Up Your Door

Take a good, long look at your front door. Does it work properly? Does it look fresh or does it need a paint job? If the hinges are squeaking, give it a little oil. Now, pick a paint color. Don’t be afraid of a bright, vibrant color on your door; a bold color will make your door pop. A fresh coat of paint on your front door works wonders in making your front porch start to come alive.

3. Pick Out Some Plants

Now it’s time to choose what plants you want to liven up your porch. Plants are traditionally part of a welcoming front porch and your personality will start to show with the choices you make. You could have a hanging basket, or a floor plant; one plant, or multiples; simple greenery, or bold colored flowers. You’ll have fun making these decisions and seeing how they transform your home’s entryway. Be sure that whatever you choose works with the area and your lifestyle, so you can provide the plants with the correct amount of water and sunlight.

4. Wreaths are Not Just for Christmas

Choosing or making a wreath for your front door is going to be fun. It’s the eye candy that draws your guests up to the door. Take a look at this springtime wreath that you can make yourself instead of spending more money purchasing one. Your wreath needs to be securely attached to the door with an over the door hook so that it doesn’t fall or flop around.

5. Final Touches for a Welcoming Front Porch

You have cleared the clutter, cleaned the surfaces, painted your door, added plants to warm up the space, and added a wreath. Now it’s time for the final touches of your welcoming front porch. Walk out away from your porch so you can see everything put together. Look for anything that detracts from your beautiful space. Look for anything that needs adjustment. This is the time to see the little details that need to be taken care of. You may want to fix the lopsided blinds that hang inside and show outside. You may want to straighten a plaque you have hanging. Whatever isn’t adding to this welcoming space needs to be adjusted or removed at this point.

And you’re done! Your porch is ready for warmer weather and your guests will be greeted by a welcoming front porch.

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