When you’re leaving on vacation, you likely have many items on your checklist to complete before you depart. For many homeowners, home security may not be a top priority as they pack and plan their transportation. If you want to secure your property and protect your home from a break-in, there are a few necessary steps to take before your trip.

1. Install an Alarm

An alarm system is one of the most effective ways to protect your home while you’re away. You can subscribe to a monthly service to protect your home or obtain a DIY kit for a one-time fee. Sensors can be installed on windows and doors in the building and will go off if they’re opened while the alarm is activated, which causes intruders to flee and for the authorities to be notified. There are even security systems that come with apps which allow you to view footage from your smartphone or tablet, so you can keep an eye on your home from your vacation.

2. Add Warning Signs to Protect Your Home

According to consumerreports.org, warning signs should be placed on the exterior of your property to alert potential burglars that an alarm is installed in the home. The signs often prevent your home from being targeted and can be obtained from your security company. You can even add a “Beware of Dog” sign on your gate to prevent anyone from entering through the backyard. Additionally, security stickers that are added to the windows on the first floor of your home can be useful.

3. Illuminate the Exterior of the Home

Burglars are more likely to attempt a break-in at a house where they can hide in the shadows as they try to get into a door or window. Keeping the exterior of the property well-lit is important to deter intruders. Consider installing motion sensor lights near windows or doors to protect your home so that the lights turn on if someone walks by. You’ll also want to set timers to make the house look occupied with certain lights that turn on at different times during the night.

4. Assess Doors

Doors are often kicked in during home burglaries, making it necessary to secure the doors to protect your home. You can replace hollow or low-quality doors with new products that are completely solid to protect your home. For sliding glass doors, it’s important to place a wood dowel on the door track to make it more difficult to open. It’s also necessary to secure your electric garage door by keeping it closed and installing a keypad that requires a passcode. You may also want to consider replacing your garage door with one that doesn’t have windows to prevent the intruder from scoping out what’s inside.

5. Eliminate Hiding Places

Although you may want to enhance your landscaping with shrubs and flowers that are planted in the yard, they can also provide burglars with a place to hide as they attempt to break into the house. Cut the shrubs down and keep the bushes close to your home trimmed to eliminate hiding places for burglars.

6. Leave a Car Parked in the Driveway

You can protect your home by leaving a car parked in the driveway when you’re on your trip so your house appears occupied. You can also ask a trusted neighbor to park their car in your driveway each day.

When you want to secure your home when you’re on vacation, there are a few critical steps to take. By knowing the tactics burglars use to perform break-ins, you’ll know the stepsto take to prevent your property from being targeted.

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