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General Home Inspection

The General Home Inspection we offer abides by the Standards of Practice (SOP) as stated by InterNACHI. Our inspection services are thorough and educational, and it are a great way to learn more about the home before you purchase it. We will inspect the following readily accessible areas of the home:

✓ Roof


✓ Electrical


✓ Appliances

✓ Basement

✓ Crawlspace

✓ Attic

✓ Exterior

Home Inspection services

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a powerful tool that is included with every home inspection at no additional fee. We use a thermal imaging camera to make heat signatures within the home visible. The camera picks up areas of moisture intrusion and heat loss and excess. It helps us discover and diagnose issues in the home that cannot be seen with the unaided naked eye.

Moisture Meter

We use a Moisture Meter during our inspections to measure the levels of moisture in the home. It is important to inspect areas of high moisture, as this could be a sign of mold growth.  If a thermal anomaly is detected, a moisture meter can verify if it is an active leak.

Radon Testing

We offer Radon Testing as an add-on service. Radon is a toxic, cancer-causing gas that cannot be seen, tasted, or smelled. We use a continuous radon monitor, the Sun Nuclear 1027, during our inspections to collect data about radon levels in the home. If the level of radon is equal to or greater than the nationally-determined safety level, we will advise you about methods for mitigation so that you can take the necessary measures to keep yourself and your family safe.


A Re-Inspection is a follow-up to the General Home Inspection. Once the seller has made all of the repairs requested by the buyer, we will revisit the home and ensure that these repairs have been done accurately and as agreed-upon.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Before putting a home on the market, sellers should consider scheduling a Pre-Listing Inspection. We will inspect the home and find the defects and damages that may turn buyers off from your property. Sellers can then repair the home as recommended, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

House with for sale sign
Blue Two Story House

Commercial Building Inspection

We offer Commercial Building Inspections and are open to inspecting a wide variety of properties. Much like a residential inspection, we check the property thoroughly for defects and anything else a buyer will want to know about.

New Construction Inspection

We perform New Construction Inspections before a new home’s final walkthrough. Small defects and issues in construction can often go unnoticed, so we check that the home is in its best condition and give builders the opportunity to address these issues ahead of time.   

New Construction Phase Inspections

We offer New Construction Phase Inspections for builders who want to check their work at intervals throughout the project. We will inspect the following four phases:

  • Rough-In Construction
  • Rough-In Electrical
  • Rough-In Plumbing
  • Final Phase
House under construction
Additional Services


$1,000 In-House Service Guarantee

If we miss something during the home inspection that is included in the InterNACHI Standards of Practice (SOP), we will cover the costs of our mistake up to $1,000.

InterNACHI Buy Back Guarantee

If we miss something during the inspection that would have swayed your decision about purchasing the home, then InterNACHI will buy back the home from you anytime during the first 90 days after purchase.


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