Meet Mark Beauchamp

Mark Beauchamp is an InterNACHI member, a Certified Master Inspector (CMI), and the owner of A-1 Home Inspections. As a CMI, Mark is among the world’s most highly trained, professionally experienced, and verified home inspectors. Before becoming a home inspector, Mark was an active real estate investor and remodeler. He loves all of the variations that can be found between one home and the next and finds the different properties and construction methods to be a fascinating way to boost his knowledge.

Home Inspector Mark Beauchamp

11 Years of Home Inspection Experience

Mark is a licensed home inspector in the state of Kentucky and has been working in the business for 11 years. During this time, he has completed over 2,500 comprehensive home inspections. His background and experience as a real estate investor help him get into the minds of the home buyers he works with and put them at ease. He has a wealth of knowledge that he calls upon in order to tell buyers everything they need to know about their future homes. Mark appreciates it when you ask questions, because he loves any opportunity he gets to explain to his clients how to repair and maintain their properties for years to come.

In addition to A-1 Home Inspections, Mark is also the founder and owner of Bluegrass Inspection Institute, where he teaches and trains other home inspectors in Kentucky. 


✓ Licensed home inspector in the state of Kentucky

✓ Founder, owner, and instructor for Bluegrass Inspection Institute

✓ Member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

✓ Certified Master Inspector (CMI)


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Mark Beauchamp